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To be a mother is to wear an invisible cape, harnessing your power to bring about balance to the lives of those in the world around you. From infinite loads of laundry to hours spent preparing lunches and the offering of a never ending replenishment of love, you do it all. The greater question becomes, who’s coming to save you? No matter what your family dynamic may be, mothers are united under the common bond of the act of simply trying to stay afloat


  • drdreyer

    As a mother of 5, I understand the difficulty of home and work balance.  Having spent over 16 years on active duty with 4 deployments to combat zones, nursing school and medical school/residency there were many days I lost balance.  In “Memoirs of a Working Mother”, Linda eloquently captures these struggles and provides insight as to how she fights to maintain balance as an active duty military mom of 2 beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.

    Osteopathic Physician (DO), Lt Col MS Air National Guard, MOM
    City/State: Columbus MS
    Number of Children : 3 children (ages 26, 21, 17) & 2 stepchildren (ages 12 & 14)
  • drlacy_2

    As an obstetrician/gynecologist, I have the privilege of hearing all kinds of concerns and issues that plague the working mother.  Women want to know how to balance their career yet still be a loving and doting mother and wife.  Life happens.  If you’re not careful, it will zoom by in a blur!  Memoirs of a Working Mother gives a face and voice to the concerns of women from all walks of life.  We may look different and our paths may be diverse, but at the core, we all have the same goal and desire.  We want to be strong, effective, and leave a legacy that will make our children and loved ones proud.

    This book is phenomenal.  A huge part of its greatness is the fact that the author, International Board Certified Life and Leadership Coach Linda Arrey, is writing from a place of personal experience.  She has allowed her tests to become her testimonies so that women everywhere can be encouraged and know that they are not alone.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to share the hard, personal things with others.  From health problems like fibroids to managing stress in the workplace.  You will find this book will address whatever season of life you are in.  You will know that y0u are not alone.

    Memoirs of a Working Mother helps you learn to look at the woman in the mirror and discover who she is and what she wants to accomplish in life.  Discovering our personal identity which is separate from wife and mother can be quite difficult for many women.  I hear this daily from patients.  This book is such a great source to begin the journey of self-discovery in a loving and nurturing way.  Self-love and self-respect exude from the pages.  You will learn how to strive for YOUR better and not compare your journey to anyone else’s.  You are uniquely made.  There is no one like y0u and there never will be.  This book teaches you to embrace your uniqueness and walk in your own God-given strength and talents.

    Memoirs of a Working Mother also addresses y0ur intimate relationship as a wife.  Intimacy can be as simple as holding hands and walking in the park.  It will help y0u better connect with y0ur spouse.  You will discover how to give your best in the relationship and communicate effectively.  I highly recommend Memoirs of a Working Mother to every woman from all stages and walks of life.  This includes the stay-at-home mom, also! We all know that is a fulltime job minus the paycheck.  I encourage you to read this book and discover how to balance life with all its twists and turns.  

    Pamela Lacy
    Columbus, MS
    Number of Children: 1
  • lakia_2

    Being a wife and working mother of two isn’t the easiest job in the world but it’s one of the most rewarding. And in Memoirs of a Working Mother Linda has created a safe space for moms to embrace their challenges and celebrate their accomplishments through real-life stories and experiences that many can relate to. Even as everyday superheroes, Linda’s candid talk about what moms have to endure in and out of the household shows you that it’s perfectly natural and normal to go through the highs and lows of motherhood (with other like-minded moms) who wear invisible capes too.

    Lakia Brandenburg
    The Wife Coach
    City/State: Atlanta, Georgia
    Number of Children: 2
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